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If you are looking for a furry friend to brighten up your life, then view more than 10 amazingly adorable small dogs to adopt today from Little Doggy Rescue. Remember, adopting a dog is a beautiful commitment that brings boundless love and companionship.

Find a small dog to adopt. Happy adopted dog.

Why adopt a small dog?

Unfortunately, owners frequently find themselves needing to rehome their beloved dogs due to life circumstances that have changed. These changes often result in their inability to provide adequate care for their cherished small pets.
That’s where you come in…

ADOPT A DOG. You deserve the best small dog for your lifestyle. At Little Doggy Rescue, we simplify the adoption process and eliminate the stress. Our small breed dogs are not confined in cages, kennels or shelters.

We focus on home-to-home adoption, so you can adopt a little doggy that is still happy and safe with its human or in one of our caring foster homes.

By adopting, you not only enrich your own life but also create space for another deserving small dog to find safety and love.

How To Adopt a Dog

Little Doggy Rescue is a home-to-home small dog adoption service in South Africa. We believe that every small dog deserves a loving home, and that is why we work tirelessly to find them the perfect forever homes

We check and confirm all prospective adopters to guarantee they can offer a secure, cozy, and loving home for their new friend

If your home is approved, Little Doggy Rescue will then handle of all the necessary paperwork to ensure you are the new legal owner of the newly adopted dog before collecting your new furbaby.

Available for Adoption

Thank you for considering adoption and making a difference in a dog’s life.
Together, we can create a world where every wagging tail finds its forever home.
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Available small
dogs for adoption near you.

Dogs for Adoption
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