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We offer a home-to-home small dog adoption service that connects loving owners like you with responsible and caring adopters.

Rehome a small dog
Rehome a small dog

a Small Dog
to a Caring Home

Your dog deserves the best

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Rehome your loved small dog?

We cherish our furry little friends for the happiness and affection they give us. But sometimes, life throws us a curveball and we can no longer care for our precious little doggy. 

The best way to show our gratitude and love for our small breed dog is to find them a new family that can meet their unique needs. 

If you want to spare your pup from the stress and trauma of a shelter, kennel, or cage, Little Doggy Rescue can help you find a loving home for your pup without leaving your house.

Giving up your dog for adoption is not easy:

What are the benefits of
home-to-home adoptions?

Professional Team Members

Little Doggy Rescue is a home-to-home small dog adoption service in South Africa. We believe that every Little Doggy deserves a loving home, and that is why we work tirelessly to find them the perfect forever homes

We do not want our small dogs to spend one night in a shelter or kennel environment, so we provide a home-to-home service instead.

We will create a profile for your dog and post it on our website and social media channels. We will also reach out to our network of potential adopters who are looking for a dog like yours.

This means that we will help you find your Little Doggy the perfect forever home, and we will take care of all the necessary paperwork and vetting processes. 

Rehome your small dog
Little Doggy Rescue

Why is there
a need to
a small dog?

Don't hold off the
surrender too long

You could notify trusted friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers that you need to find a new home for your Little Doggy.
This type of networking may have very positive results, but ultimately you should let us know as soon as possible. This will allow all matters related to adoption etc. to be well organized.

Our 'Surrender' or 'Find your Little Doggy a home' form is intended to gather all the needed information.

No one knows your Little Doggy better than you do. As his or her owner, you know what they like, dislike, interests, and temperament better than anyone else.

There may of course be certain traits about your dog that you may be reluctant to share, however, we request
Please share this with us as honestly and detailed as possible.

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Surrender a dog to their furever home
Little Doggy Rescue

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